May 16, 2019


Transparent, paperless and fast housing application system

Social housing construction is an acute topic worldwide. More and more people can hardly afford affordable housing at exploding prices. As in many other cases, this situation first affects people with little or no income. Especially in emerging and developing countries this situation is particularly dramatic, often even life-threatening.

In South Africa, the government tries to control social housing through the Department of Human Settlements and to improve the general housing situation of the lower income groups. Contrary to popular opinion, a house built with public funds is not free of charge. It can be rented or acquired. This task is delegated to the respective Municipality through the provincial administrations and is administered and processed de-centrally.

In order to process the applications better and more effectively, to ensure a secure, fast and binding communication between administration and applicant, as well as to ensure transparent and legally secure processing, we have developed VOIS | HOUSING as a specialized module for VOIS.

What distinguishes VOIS|HOUSING:

VOIS|HOUSING is a module of VOIS|BASE. VOIS|BASE will be utilized for all back-office administrative tasks, statistics and reporting. Many other specialized modules are already available in VOIS! Give us the opportunity to show you the advantages of VOIS|HOUSING and request presentation. VOIS|HOUSING (pdf)

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