March 31, 2020


Appointments made easy

Appointments are one of the most-liked services citizen mention when they get asked to suggest improvements, which their public administration should take into consideration.

With VOIS | CALENDAR, citizens can apply directly online to their responsible clerk. Or they apply for an appointment based on the issue that they must resolve. VOIS has an integrated fully-fledged calendar server based on international standards (webdav, caldav). The integrated server is compatible with all major calendar clients.

Each VOIS user account gets its own calendar. It can be shared with colleagues and supervisors at any time. Appointments can be saved and shared separately (for example, private, team-related, ad-hoc, project-related, and so forth), but it is always possible to view appointments in a merged view.

These user-related calendars can be accessed from Smart-Phones, Computers, Tablets etc. because the server is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCalendar and many more.

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